Twilight (not the book)Mature


As the purple streaks of twilight shot across the sky, Jacob and Malcom walked towards their dormitory chatting idly amongst themselves.  The day had passed by relatively fast, even though they got chewed out for nearly an hour by a stern and very bitter teacher.

What's with the staff here?  Jacob thought to himself.  They're all very touchy...  And suspicious...  Not to mention the fact that they're all at least sixty...

At this hour, the hallways were filled with numerous students.  Each of them were wandering about, intent on finishing up their specific errands before they called it a night.  Among them, Jacob saw the attractive girl from the previous day walk by.

"Hey."  Jacob nudged Malcom.

"What?"  He replied, upset that Jacob had interrupted his train of thought.

"That girl,"  Jacob said, pointing her out in the crowd.  "Do you know who she is?"

Malcom took a quick look in her direction and scoffed.  "No, don't really care.  Why?"

Jacob just stood there, watching her pass by.  "No reason."  He mumbled.

The End

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