"Go to the headmistresses office!" Her voice started to shake. I roll my eyes. "But I didn't do anything!" I'm getting angry, making the whole school start to shake. "Rose, you've just proved it." I glare at Heath, the school still shaking. "G-G-Go!" My music teacher cried, her eyes showing her that she's scared.

My fists are balled tightly and I stormed off. Stupid teacher! Everyone in my music knows that I love music and will never ditch or ruin it. My face is red as I walk towards the headmistresses office in a red haze.

This is soooo unfair! Who ever did that to the mucis room is gonna pay! That's the only lesson I was actrually going to attend today! I walk past the gym and then decide to go in.

I stand by the seats and watch them get off the floor and look around. "What the hell happend? Was that the whole school?" I sigh, this isn't very interesting. Where's the gossip? Where's the fighting? Where's the people who always fall over? This is no fun. I'm bored.

I can tell Miss has walked in. "Rose Stone! What have I told you about your anger?"  I rool my eyes as the teenagers shocked faces turn to me. I shrug. She stands with her hands on her hips.

The End

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