I hate bulliesMature

Sean pads back to our feet after being kicked really hard when a girl found out he was a shapeshifter.

" Eh don't complain to me your problem." I say to the cat.  I guess he didn't feel like talking because he stayed in that form.

We turn around the corner it was lunch already , we really haven't gotten very far.  Over lunch Sean stil remains as a cat. Once lunch was over with. Jacob , and I walk off with the sulking cat.  We began to talk about variouse things, and luaghing at eachothers flaws.  We stopped however when I blur nearly runs us over.

" I wonder why one would be in such a hurry?" Jacob points out.

Then a group of three muscular guys pass by in a hurry.

" That would be your answer ." 

A few more  corners later we see a poor kid being dragged by the collar down the hall slightly bruised by the three brauny guys.  One thing I couldn't stand is bullying.  It really shouldn't anger me to the degree of hurting someone severly but it doese.

" Leave the kid alone!" I order.  Keeping my face lowered to hide my silver eyes.

" Oh yeah what you gonna do about it kid?" Huh a kid says that looks like he was just following the larger brauny kid. 

I lift my left arm up the air around us seems to concentrate in the palm of my hand. I realease blowing the three kids back dropping the skinnier looking kid.  Jacob goes invisible.They look relatively unafraid. However they will need a change of pants once we' are done with em.

" You wanna go kid?"  The leader says.

" Sure."  I answere as a fist just misses my head as I calmly dodge it.  He trys again but I just sidestep out of the way.

" My, your slow. Maybe I won't even have lift a finger." I tease. 

" Your going to pay for!!!!" His hand smacks into a stone wall.

" That must hurt , maybe some coldwater should do the trick."  I say as I look at Jacob taking the other two guys attacking them without being seen.

Water isn't my specialty but that doesn't mean I can't create a wave of water.  The fountians and moisture in the air begin to appear around me and multiply exponetially. I let it go  Jacob kicks the two smaller guys to the ground and stands his ground as waist high water rages through the hall washing the bullies up. I also unfortunetly wash sean away with them. I keep the smaller kid was safe seeing that he was behind us. I put the poor kid on a bench he seem hardly aware what was going on. I call down a  supervisor then leave.We turn a corner around a hall seeing a girl and a very pissed off teacher now drenched.Along with the washed up bullies down the hall, now unconciouse.

" Are you responsible for this?!" She yells and points at the two inches of water at our feet.

" Yeah, but..."

The teacher cuts me off to yell and lecture me probably on school fighting.

The End

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