I walked into the gym, whistling. A group was already in there, so I made a wide circle around them. However, one of them noticed me and called me over. "Hey! I'm Larissa. You?"

"Liz." I replied.

"Short for Elizabeth?" I nodded. "Wait- that Elizabeth?" I nodded again, and she started chortling. "Oh, nice to meet you. You have- erm- quite the reputation already." And I did.

I had flown into quite the fit when I refused to have a room mate, a fit that the whole school had heard, or at least heard of. "Sorry to mention it, though." she appoligised.

"Larissa Stephens, don't bother me. Sympathy and scorn weight me down with problems. Add humour to that list." I shook my head.

"Hey, I'm sorry." she said. "I didn't know you were so touchy about the subject. C'mon, meet my friends. Fey, Ronnie, Ashley." I allowed her to lead me towards one girl, and I quickly shied away.

"She was going to be my room mate." I whispered.

"Ashley? Really? You should meet her." Larissa gave me a little shove, and I stood paralysed in front of her.

"Hello," Ashley smiled. "Liz? I never thought I'd meet you."

The End

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