It Wasn't Me!Mature


Suddenly Speedy was in front of me smiling. I roll my eyes. "I'm not doing anything for you Speed, not after last time." His grin drops a little. "Please? They won't touch me when I'm with you. And, I sorta like getting close to you."

I roll my eyes again and walk off. Speed catches up with me quickly. "C'mon babe. I know you like it too." I use my powers tomake him still and punch him in the face. "Get lost you jerk!" I send him towards Heath and his men. They all lookat him in surprise then they look at me.

Heath nods to me and signals his men to take Speed somewhere. I turn away and throw my apple in the bin. As I turn I can see Heath in front of me. I frown.

"What do you want Heath?" Him and Speed are probably the only ones who don't give me dirty looks. He smiles at me. I narrow my light blue eyes. He leans forward. I turn and start walking off. "Cya in music Heath." "Oh, you're not getting rid of methat easily." I shake my head and keep walking.

I freeze by the music room. "Cool!" I say smiling. Heath lets out a whistle. "You're in for it now girl." I look up at him confused. "What? I didn't do this!" I say pointing to the tashed music room. He shrugs smiling at me. "You did it last year in gym." I shrug "That was gym. I dont like gym. This is music. I like music." Heath smiles at me.

"You're such a rebel." I shake my head getting cross. I didn'tdo this and I'm not getting blamed for it! I hear a gasp from behind. I turn and Ms Boom's mouth wide open. She has tears in her eyes as she looks around her music room. "You! How dare you!" She explodes,pointing a boney fingefr at me. What? "I didn't bloody do it!"

The End

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