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"Right, time to train" Alec says jumping up.

"Can we join you?" Larissa asks. "I could do with a practice..... and it will be fun to watch"

I look at them and see how they have a glint in there eyes. Oh great they want to see me in close combat with Alec...... Which I am not looking forward to.

"Yeah, sure" Alec says. We begins down the halls. We turn a corner. "Opps"

Alec yanks me out of the way off a boy zooming down the hallway. "Thanks" I mumble stepping away making his hands drop from where they held my hips.

"That was close" Ronnie says. "Shouldn't they be more careful"

A person comes running up two bulky people following him. "Hey Darkquesse. You see Speedy boy coming this way?" the boy at the front asks.

"No, sorry Heath. Haven't seen him" Alec says. The boy, Heath, gestures to his men and move off down the hall again. "One day Speedy's gonna get himself hurt"

Alec shakkes his head then we begin down the hallway again. We get to the gym and Ronnie and Larissa go over to the bench just like I suspected.

Alec gesture for me to follow him and soon he turns to face me. "Get into a defensive position"

He demonstrates and I copy. I know some punches and kicks...... so I can sort of fight.

He begins teaching defensive then we try sparing...... Yikes, I jump back. Alec shakes his head. "You can't just jump away in a fight" he says.

"I could run" I point out. Ronnie and Larissa laugh at that.

"Go on run then" Alec says smiling. I know he has something up his sleeve but I do as he says.

I turn then trip not hitting the floor but almost touching it. "That's why you can't run. You would need more training in your powers for that..... or your opponent passed out" Alec says. I'm pulled to my feet then spun round.

"Don't get over cofident" Alec says simply.

"My turn" Ronnie says jumping up.

The End

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