Another year at this crummy school. Joy. The bright side is I've only got four years left!

I can see that there's another Natural kid. She doesn't look to happy about being here. I throw my apple in the air and catch it. I always do this with apples I don't really know why. I get out of my seat and start walking over there.

Many people I walked past glare at me and I just roll my eyes. Looks like this year ain't gonna change. No one likes me. It's because of my great grandmother. She was the one who raised me, I never really knew the rest ofmy family because they're good any GG (my great grandmother) isn't.

GG was one of the greatest, evilest, magical creature the world has ever known and everyone thinks I'm gonna follow in her footsteps. I haven't decided if I am or not yet.

I stop at the new Naturals table. Alec turns round and glares at me causing the rest of the table to look at me. I pull a strawberry blonde curl out ofmy light blue eyes and smiled. "Hey Alec. How's this then?" I say nodding towards th other Natural. He gritts his teeth, not saying anything. "I-I'm Fey." I nod at her. "Hey. I'm Rose."

Agirl one the table gasped and I glared at her. "Rose Stone?" I nod. "That's me. Got a problem with that?" She shakes her head and I scowl at her. "If I were you Veronica Night, I'll try keep a low profile when you're around me." She scowls at me. "Get lost Rose." I rool my eyes at Alec and take a bite out of my apple.

I swallow. "Or what? Gonna get the Night girl to call her parents to kil me like they did with GG?" I can hear a gasp come from the table then a long whistle. I sigh. Class. "Catch ya later new girl." I turn and walk off.

Guess Alecis gonna make sure I'm not gonna be mates with her. Oh well. A apple flies through the air, heading straightfor me. I use my powers to send it back at the one who through it and made him act like a chicken. I shrugged and walked off, I do lov being about to control things.

The End

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