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"Umm, Fey those girls are glaring at you" Ronnie says pointing behind me. "

"I know" I hiss. Alec turns to look and shakes his head. "This is your fault ain't it? This is cause of that whole Naturals-come-in-pair's thing"

"Probably yeah" he says shrugging remains calm. I grind my teeth then shove him off his chair. "Stop doing that"

He gets back on to his seat. "Yeah, maybe you should Fey. It makes it look more like you're trying to fight him cause you like him" Larissa says shaking her head.

"Maybe you do" Alec says leaning back and drapping his arm across the back of my chair. "I mean its not like I chose you either so stop taking it out on me"

He flashes a smile and I turn back to my pasta. Its slowly getting cold and I shovel some into my mouth.

"Oh, you'll have to train after this since you have no sense of magic at all" Alec says sitting forward. He opens his mouth to speak again.

"Do not say what you were just about to say" I hiss holding up a finger.

"Well, at least you have your telepathy coming through" he says smiling. I 'hmph' and turn away which makes everyone laugh which I eventually join in with.

"Hey, Alec" Everyone turns to look. It's a new girl Thistle behind her.

Oh, so she's not top cat. She's the lost puppy following the top cat. "I was wondering if this is the other natural?" She says idicating me.

I moan and yank my chair away his arm falling off the back. He looks at me shrugs then turns to the top cat girl.

"Yeah, I thought Thistle would have told you" Alec says.

"She did. I just wanted to see the girl for myself. She doesn't seem as prone to your charm as most people"

I scoff at that and the girl shoots a look at me then smiles. "My name's Lilliana by the way"

"Fey" I say simply.

"Wait, you mean Lilliana Pacific?" Ronnie gasps. 

"Yes" Lilliana says she looks at Alec. "I'll see you in class"

"No you won't actually, I've been moved back a year" he says looking over at me with a flick of his eyes.

Lilliana opens her mouth to speak then snaps it shut. "Well, I'll see you in the assembly in the morning" She says then struts off.

"Great" I mumble. "I have an enemy and yet again its your fault" I glare at Alec but he just shrugs.

The End

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