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"This is the sport gym"  Alec says walking ahead. I look around avoiding to look at him. I'm probably being stubborn but I am not giving up to just let this guy walk all over me.

"Don't you have any equiptment?" I say. "I mean if you have these powers an all-"

We all scream as a assault corse rises out of the ground. I turn on Alec whose standing at a switch. "You did that on purpose" I hiss. He shrugs then just smiles. I didn't realise some other groups had followed us into the room and I hear a few of the girls sigh.

I shake my head and look back at the assault corse. "Hey, Alec" a girl comes out of a group obviously from an older year and leading one. She tries to drape herself over Alec but he puts his hand out on her shoulder stopping her.

"Stop it, Thistle" he says narrowing his eyes at her. But I'm not really consentrating on them.

"Lets move on" I say turning to Ronnie and Larissa.

"You're not helping Thistle?" Alec hisses. We all look back for a sec.

"Helping what?" she says batting her eyelashes. Alec looks over at me and I find myself frozen.

Thistle turns to see me and I look away finally. "No!" She shrieks. "She can't be her..... she knows nothing"

She turns on Alec. "You'd be better off with me" she says twirling some of her hair round her finger.

Alec shrugs. "Not my choice and even if it was I dont go for girly girls" with those he walks round her and comes over. "Time to continue looking round"

We exit the gym and find a stood up pair of clothes. "Um are you okay?" Ronnie asks the clothes.

"The persons invisible" Alec hisses to me. I jump with shock and realise how close he's standing and take a step away.

He shrugs. "You can join us on the tour if you want" I say feeling slightly stupid addressing clothes.

Suddenly a girls appears. Her face is tear stained. "That would be nice" she sniffles.

"My name's Fey, this is Ronnie and Larissa....... Thats Alec" I say jerking a thumb at him.

"Ashley" she mutters.

"Well, lets go to the dining hall next..... its almost time for lunch anyway" Alec says.

The End

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