Mr curiosityMature


" Cool name." I say then we both find a seat and listen to the rather same sounding orientation lecture.Then we got invited to do a self guided tour through the school. Good thing I have got a good sense of direction. We reach the exit then Sean freackin darts in front of me in his cat form then explodes back into a human. 

" Where we heading?"  Sean say.  Oh not mister a billion questions.

" Who is this?" Jacob asks.

" Sean." 

" Hey I'm Jacob." Jacob goes to introduce himself to  billions of questions. I hope he doesn't mind that.

" Well lets go that way." I randomly point down the hall.

" Good choice  a few girls went down that way." Jacob says.

" Very observant of you."  I laugh.

" So what kinda families did you come from?"  Sean asks.

Isn't that a little personel, whats with him and questions. I glare at him.

"Curiostiy killed the cat." I say calmly with the sublminal message saying. I'm going to kill you!

He changes quickly and darts off down the halls and begins to suck up to the girls.

" I want to be a shapeshifter now!" Jacob says.

" ha, ha. If by some way you become one don't ask so many questions."



The End

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