Where to begin?Mature


The welcome was pretty standard.  We hope you find your time here fulfilling and enlightening and as long as you don't break the rules we should get on just fine.  The highlight was the sudden appearance of other students.  Alec appeared about five seconds after the welcome had started and there was another guy who materialised on the other side of the room.

'Well, the best way for you to get to know the school is to explore.  There will be older students around to help you if you get lost but just have fun and don't forget dinner is at six.'  There was a massive rumble as everyone stood up.

'So are you guys ready to explore?'  I asked looking at Ronnie and Fey.  Ronnie nodded but Fey was deeply involved in a glaring match with Alec.  'OK then so it's just me and Ronnie.'

'No I'll come.'  Fey broke out of her trance and nodded vigerously at me.

'You guys mind if I tag along?'  Alec smiled gloriously at us.

'Not at all,' I said.  Fey rolled her eyes and walked off and I had to run to catch her up.  'What's wrong with you?'

'It's all just a bit much.  First I discover there is a magical world I didn't know about and then I'm told I'm not going to age and I'm going to have to look at Alec for the rest of eternity.'

'Things could be worse, I mean, Alec isn't exactly ugly.'  We both turned and looked at him.  He was talking with Ronnie and they were both trying to catch us up.  'I wouldn't mind being stuck with him forever.'  I got an elbow in the ribs for that last comment.  'What?'

'Don;t make fun of me, it's hard to adjust to all this.  How long have you known that you were a witch?'  I had to think about it.

'Since there was a nasty incident when I was seven and I threw a glass vase across the room.'

'What's so wrong about throwing a glass vase?  I mean, all kids can to that.'

'Not with their mind they can't.'  The full extent of my magic hadn't been tested but because I came from sich a long line of strong female witches I was expected to be powerful.  It was a lot of pressure.  Fey and I stopped at the entrance to the hall so the other two could catch up.  'So where do we start?'

The End

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