Pay no heed to the shadowMature

Jacob peered around the corner, looking into the hall.  Vast amounts of students were sitting down on benches side by side, all whispering to each other despite the wishes of the lady up front.

"Ugh, this is what I get for being late..."  He sighed miserably.  "If I get caught, i'm dead meat..." 

Stealthily, he removed the white to his clothing, leaving only darkness.  He concentrated all of his inner strength towards his core area and began to disappear.  Completely invisible, he began to sneak around the smooth stone wall of the Grand hall. 

Despite being somewhat worried about getting caught, he couldn't help but look in the direction of an attractive-looking group of girls.  One caught his eye in particular.  Cute, he thought to himself, smiling. 

Noticing an open spot in one of the benches, he dived under a row, using the darkness to his advantage.  Roll...  That's it, just a minute...  And--

He crawled to the open seat, sat up, and let his concentration go.  Jacob was solid again. 

"Where'd you come from?"  A voice beside him said.

Jacob turned and smiled.  "I was late, had to sneak in.  Sorry i surpised you."  He replied, looking at the boy who asked the question. 

"That's okay.  I figure it's going to be pretty common around here..." 

He laughed with good humor. 

"My name's Malcom.  What's yours?"

"Helix."  Jacob said.  "Jacob Helix."

The End

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