Grand HallMature


I came out of the bathroom a few minutes later and fell onto the bed. "You okay?" Larissa asks. I look across at her.

She's sitting with the new girl on her bed. "Oh this is Ronnie by the way" She says introducing the girl.

I hold up a hand then let it drop back down. I roll over then bury my face in the pillow...... And scream.

I kick and hit the bed. When I jump up both of them are looking at me weirdly. "I take it you're not okay then..... How did the meet up with Mrs McFlare go?"

"If I have to look at Alec face for more than a minute I will kill myself" I say dropping to the floor. "I don't want to be this Natural person"

"What?" The girl says suddenly. "You're the other Natural. Girl some people are going to be jelous of you?"

She shakes her head as she speaks. "Its Fey by the way" I note. Then a whistle sounds.

"Time for the tour" Larissa says jumping up. We all head out.

"Chop Chop girls. We need to get to the hall for the presentation" The teacher leads them down the halls to the main dome.

"Wow" Some people gasp looking up at the ceiling. Its a beautiful summer sky and vines grow up the poles that support it blossoming flowers.

"Looks like Hogwarts" I mutter.

"This was built before that" Ronnie whispers to me. Benches appear like the ones you would see in a church.

"Okay, I will instruct you were to sit" Then the teacher shouts out rows. I find myself perched on the end of a row close to the aisle, Larissa and Ronnie to my right.

"Let me welcome your headmistress Mrs McFlare" The teacher shouts. Mrs McFlare appears on the stadium colours swirling up around her.

"I still dont get why she does that. All this thing is a welcome speech before the go-of-on-your-own-and-look-around"

I jump at first at the sudden voice but then just glare at Alec. Who seems to be sitting next to the aisle now as if the bench lengthened itself for him.

"Go away" I hiss. I hear whispers about his presence next to me and moan.

"Better get use to it. According to history, Natural's always fall for there pair" Alec says winking. I shove him and he goes tumbling off the chair.

"Miss Fey have something to share?" Mrs McFlare asks raising an eyebrow but seeming amused like everyone else my new fondness to embarassing.

"Of course not Miss" I say nodding politely. Just get this assembly over with.

The End

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