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 It was manic. Girls everywhere. All talking at once and running around. Someone already had their Ipod blasting all round the dorms; mixture of different perfumes filled the air. Of course, some of the girls stopped blabbering when they saw me. This was nothing new to me, just something I've grown to get used to. Then when my back was turned the whispering would start. Again.

"Like O.M.G. Did you see who that was?"

"Is that her. She their daughter?"

"Little miss perfect. Bet she thinks she all that."

"To have her parents. Just wow." 

I walked more quickly then eager to get to my room. When suddenly bang. I was too busy looking down at the floor, so I didn't notice the tall, muscle figure in the way.

"Opus! Sorry, I didn't see you there." His deep voice said to me.

"No, it's my fault I wasn't looking where I was going. So sorry." I replied back to him.

"My name Bradley, I'm a second year." Bradley informed me.

"Hi Bradley, nice to meet you. My name Ronnie." I smiled looking in to his sky blue eyes.

 "I'm guessing that short for Veronica. Nice, it suites you. Well, I better be going. Technically, I'm not supposed to be here." He smiled back at me. Making my heart skip a beat.

"Yer, Dad used to call me Princess Ronnie when I was tiny. And don't know why I've just told you that." I let out a small laugh, I expected Bradley to laugh or something. But he didn't, he just looked thoughtful for a minute. "So why aren't you meant to be here"?

"Girls and boys aren't allowed in each other dorms. Especially there rooms." A cheeky grin went over his face after he told me this.  

"So what? You got a bad boy reputation or something "? I asked.

"Guess you're have to find that out. I actually really better had get going now before; groining Jones finds me missing from my room." He winked at me and turned down the corridor.

I stared after him trying to remember how to breathe. When I did eventually remember I stumbled to my assigned room number. 27,29,31. Bingo.  I took a deep breath before opening the door.

"Hello." A bright cheerily voice greets me. The girl had long blonde messy hair. She was tall, taller then me only by a few inches. She had a friendly face, with dark brown eyes that where looking over me.

"Hiya, erm I hope you don't mind but, I'm in this room too." I told her nervously still waiting in the door way.

"No. Of course not. To be honest I don't really mind, grab a bed." She gestured with her hands showing the two other beds. Wonder who else was going to come. I walked over to the other bed near the one of the desks and dumped my bags on the huge bed.

"What's your name then? Mine Larissa Stephens." She told me. Larissa walked over to my bed.

"Veronica, but I prefer Ronnie. You know." I informed her. She looked at me more closely then before, trying to find something. I knew what it was. I took a deep breath again, and then I found my necklace that I hid under my tops. The necklace had a sliver crescent moon hanging from it, I had earrings to match but my curls hid them pretty well. I seen her face light up then, she gasped and she sat down next to me then.

"You're a Daughter of the Night family? I thought I was only rumours, I didn't believe that someone from the Night family came here." She gasped.

"My mum came here. Well both of my parents did." I half smiled at the end. Thinking of them, keeping up with the family name.

 "Wait not. Kerry? Kerry Larson? O'my God you got to see this." She was suddenly very excited over something.

‘My mum mentioned a Kerry Larson. But mum lost touch with her, when Kerry moved town.' Wow that strange. I just heard what Larissa was saying in her head. That's only happened once, and that was with my nanny that I used to have when I was growing up.

"Here look, my mum used to know your mum. They shared this room." She told me. Her figure was pointing to some words scratched into the wall by the window. My mums name was there along with; Amy and Gemma. The word BFFL was also wrote there. I traced the outline of my mums name with my figure. Wonder who the other woman was?

Suddenly, a girl come storming though the room our heads snap up to see who it was. The girl didn't even stop; she just carried on heading towards the bathroom. She slammed the door shut. Me and Larissa looked at each other, both of us having confused looks on our faces.

The End

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