I walk into the room, it had many windows , and dressors , along with a few bed.

" Guess that mean roomates." I sigh as I pick the most secluded part of the room, and unpack as fast as I can.  The floor seems to erupt with the clawing and running. A dark furry animal flys by my face.  I jump up defensively.

"Meow!"  I look to my left to see an orange eyed cat.

" Oh hey there." I was unsure wether the cat was an intelligent being or cat, I went to pet the animal to calm it down.

As I get closer to it hisses at me violently,unsheathing its needle sharp claws. My hand shoots back to my side. Alright I guess kitty doesn't like me. I walk back to my part of the room. Once again the bloody explodes from some part of the room but this time atatches itself to my face, with claws.

" Oww get off me!" I yell running around with the black cat rapidly clawing at my face. I trip and fall I stop myself with controlling the wind making an updraft sending me back to the feet.  The wind currents in the room get strong enough to remove the evil feline off my face.

" Mrowwww!"  Its say hitting a dressor.  The cat lays on the floor then shifts into a human.

" Oh your a shapeshifter." I say holding my face.

" What? Its just a little fun. Your facial expression though when I attacked your face was...." He began to luagh," Priceless!"

" Oh I see." A little nervously.

" My  name is Sean. "

" Malcom." I say kindly before heading to my new bed.

" So are you a wizard or something else?"

" Just elemental control. I specialize in wind in fire." I mutter returning to sorting my clothes out.

" So where you from?"  I guess like his cat form he was really to curiouse.

" A little insigifgant town along the coast. You?"

" New York. I love people!"

" I see.Do you know what we are doing, after all of this?" I ask him before he asks for a life story.

"Oh just a tour of the school grounds." Sean says.

" Oh alright guess we just meet up Mr, Jones , and Mrs Harper where we left them. " I reply.

The End

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