I don't believe in FateMature


"Here we are" Alec says stopping at a door. Her knocks waiting for a reply. The door swings open and standing there isa women that is neither young nor old.

"Well hello Miss Fey. I was waiting for you" the women says smiling. "I'm Mrs McFlare....... Come in you two"

Alec steps in first and I slowly hesitates. I think Alec hears my hesitation because he turns and offers his hand. "Come on" he says.

I don't take it I walk through the door and gasp. It's not an office its more like a natural dome.

"This is wear we get our plants for science from" Alec says following my line of sight. "Their our some very rare creatures in her"

"Come children" Mrs McFlare's voice comes from across the dome. "This is her office" I gasp.

"Sort of.... you normally find her here" Alec says before heading off. I follow him down the paths making sure to keep up with his long strides.

We find Mrs McFlare sitting on those garden sofa's. I sit down on one and Alec sits next to me resting back.

"I bet your wondering why you're hear" Mrs McFlare says smiling. I fidget but nod.

"I-I don't understand" I sutter. I'm feeling scared. What am I missing? Why am I hear where the things in books seem to be real.

"Great" scoffs Alec. I turn and glare at him and he just shrugs. "Just means I have to work with an amateur"

"I don't see why I would have too work with you" I say shuffling as far away as possible and looking back at Mrs McFlare.

"I believe your friend Miss Larissa told you about Natural's coming in pairs" She might have continued but I jumped up.

I knew where she was getting with this. It was like I could see the thoughts in her head.

"No, I can believe in all this" I indicate the garden. "And those little things on the bus. But I don't believe in fate"

"Like it or not we're stuck with each other for eternity" Alec says. I turn and glare at him.

"Natural's don't age past 16 or maybe a year older or lower but they can die" Mrs McFlare explains.

I shake my head. Then crumple to the floor. "Can I go to my room please?" I whisper.

Mrs McFlare nods and I race out the room. I don't know where I'm going but I make it to the girls rooms and run into my new room, which I'll obviously be sharing. Larissa and another girl turn there heads to my arrival but I just go to the bathroom and slam the door.

The End

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