I was so jealous of Fey as she walked off the bus with Alecain, he was cute and I don't think she'd even noticed.  She must be the other Natural if she is being singled out and escorted off the bus like that.

The rest of us were herded into the main building where a teacher was waiting for us.  It was as beautiful as my mother had described it.  Everything was perfectly constructed and looked clean and the lines of the buildings were smooth.

'Welcome to Eden ladies and gentlemen.  Unfortunately Mrs McFlare is unable to be here to greet you, she is dealing with something else but she will be at dinner this evening to welcome you properly and see you are settled in.'  That something else had to be Fey, there was nothing else that could be that important.  'I am Miss Harper and this is Mr Jones and we will be your boarding staff while you are here.  Any problems you come to us, understood?'

'Yes miss.'  The group chorused.  It was going to be one of those days.

'Good.  Now girls come to me and boys to Mr Jones.  We are going to assign you your rooms.'  I was one of the first in line to receive my door number and key.  'Miss Stephens you are in room 31.'  She handed me a key.  'Go up the stairs to the second floor and turn left.  It should be on your right hand side.'

I thanked her and followed her directions.  She was wrong on one thing though, my door was on the left hand side not the right.  The door opened easily and I walked into a tidy room with three beds in it.  Looks like I'm going to have roomies.

I dumped my stuff on the bed nearest the window and had a look around.  There wasn't much to see.  Three beds with linen folded up on the end, ready to be made, three desks with lamps, one massive wardrobe and a bookcase.

I opened my bag and took out some of the non-requested items I had brought with me.  As I was going to be here for six years and might not see my mum until I left I had brought some things from home.  Photos of me and my mum, friends from my last school and the only one I had of my dad who had been killed in a car accident soon after I was born.  Even with her magic mum hadn't been able to save him.

I started sticking the photos up over my bed and when those were finished I moved on to the posters.  I was nearly done when I found the first imperfection in this school.  There were some word scratched into the wall by the window.  I stared closer to see what they said.

Amy, Gemma and Kerry.  BFFL.

Those were the names of my mum and her two best friends.  I could tell this room was going to be good for me.  I heard the door click open behind me as someone came in.

The End

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