"What?" I gasp. I grip my rucksacks top handle which I dumped down between my legs. The girls looks at me confused.

"You really have no idea about this school?" Larissa says. I shake my head then look down at the floor.

Maybe...... maybe this is the reason why I've always been different? This could explain how people always said I sort of had a magical light to me. Or all those accidents when I got angry.

"I can tell you know something" Larissa says. "A feeling of some sort... Oh here we go"

I hear the yank of seat belts and look across at Larissa whose doing her seat belt across her. "Put it on" she hisses.

I quickly pull on my seat belt. Just in time seemingly as we suddenly speed up everyone being pulled back in there seats. The bus is surround by light and I hear yells of happyness.

All I can do is grip my seat. Then the light begins to become less blinding. The bus comes to stop on a driveway......... No road behind. Just two large closed glass gates only white behind them.

Then I her gasps. I unclip my seatbelt just as Larrissa rushes past to look out the other side of the bus.

I follow over and gasp. The large building expands far out but the entrance....... It's a large domed building with a square attached the the front.

"That's the hall" someone gasps.

"It's beautiful like my mother said" Larissa whispers.

Just then the doors open and a boy about a year older then me steps onto the bus. Everyone turns to look at him. Most of the girls gasp and the guys look shocked themselves.

"Whose that?" I hiss.

"That's Alecain Darkquesse. The first Natural to be born in 1000 years" Natural..... why did that pull at something in her? Larissa continues to talk. "Thing is Naturals are usually born in pair in the same five year time span"

Alecain straightens up and a few girls sigh. "I am looking for a Fey Starfire" he says. I stand frozen.

I slowly raise my hand. He looks at me then smiles slightly. "Follow me" He turns and walks off the bus. I flash a look at Larissa.

"I'll find you later go" she hisses. She gives me a small push and I race out after Alecain.

He's waiting. "Call me Alec by the way" he says then leads me towards the school. Maybe now I'll get answers.

The End

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