What's going on?Mature


"Aunt Jenith" I shout. "Aunt Jenith"

She's not really my aunt. We just agreed on that cause she knew she couldn't replace the mother that was never in my life.

"What Fey?" Jenith says coming out of the kitchen into the hall. She is slim and her cooking is amasing. I love it when she teaches me new recipes.

"Look at the letter" I say pushing it into her hands. Why would this school be interested in me it seems like-

"This looks like a private school" Jenith says looking up.

"Exactly" I squeal. "Can I go Jenith?"

I look pleading up at her. I really want to go to this school it seems so mysterious.  And its a free offer to a private school. Like when does that happen. I mean I'm smart but I never expected this opitunity to arrive.

"Okay, darling" Jenith says smiling.


I'm gonna be okay. I'm gonna be okay.

I take a deep breath and turn to face Jenith whose standing in the doorway. I make sure my hairs okay. Its tied back up in a but its starlight colour shining against the morning sunlight.

My light violet eyes stare straight into Jeniths. "Good bye, Fey" She says pulling me into a hug. I hold her back then turn and run towards the bus. I jump on then freeze.

"What the..." I choke out. Some people change forms. Some people control elements. Many weird things.

Something tells me this is no normal school. "Hey, sit next to me" I look towards the voice.

The End

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