School of EdenMature

A girl unaware, a school then the students fill it. Why is she the only one who was unaware of her heirtage.
The only one who didn't expect the letter that slipped through the door.

Dear Young Student,

You have been invited to attend School of Eden. This being a honorery invitation we expect you to be promptly ready on the 8th September at 9:00 am. The School bus will be picking you up at this time outside your house.

You will need:

1. A selection of clothes that are apropriate wear.

2. A set of pencils and writing equiptment

3. Three jornals prefereably A5 size and lined for use in class

All other equiptment will be provided at the school. We are looking forward to meeting you.

The School proivides rooms in which you will stay for your whole 6 years at School of Eden. We allow home visits by request and grades.


Mrs. McFlare, Headteacher of School of Eden

The End

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