She knew something. That girl who was friends with Safiya, Celeste's sister. I had seen suggestions that had been in no one else's mind. But there was still something so separated from the truth that I knew she was only at the beginning of her journey. Take her in now and all knowledge we could gain from her would be lost. So instead I released her, which surprised her, I could tell, and watched her meet with her friend near the exit.

The end of the test came and we let them go. I knew I had to find out more about the girl, about her friend. They had left together, so perhaps she was recruiting Safiya in to the resistance. I had to known more, but it was how to get away from the council. They would stop her before I could explain my plan if they knew I had found something inside her brain. As the Durman's exited I made my way quickly to the back exit and hurried around to the front. They would not say anything, or do anything if they realised I was following. I must have a disguise.

"Where are you going?" I turned and found Councillor Lamira standing there, two guards beside her.

"I need to look in to something."

"You found something." It was not a question. She knew I had discovered something in a mind.


"Why not capture the girl?"

I was surprised; how would she know that it was a girl who had given me the information, however unwillingly?


"You spoke to her longer than the others."

"Ah." She must think Safiya is the one with the information. My brain processed the information quickly. That meant that Celeste's sister might be in trouble. A small part of me wondered if Celeste would even care. Another smaller part of me wondered why I would. "She is at the beginning of being made part of the resistance, I am sure. I knew that if she were taken in to holding then she would not be of use; she knew nothing but a name. But if I could follow her, get to know her maybe, I might be able to find out inside information as she takes her journey."

"A clever plan. But you could have told me."

"I did not wish to waste time in case I lost them."

"Then what are you doing here? Go." She gave a small smile and turned on her heel, heading back in to the hall. I grinned and raced to the front of the building. I scanned the crowds and almost missed the girl. She stood with Safiya, talking to the people I recognised as Safiya's parents. As I watched I saw the parents nod and leave. The girls took each others hands and hurried off. I followed, pausing only to collect something from a stall at the side of the road. The Durman owning it had not returned, so I left a coin on the table. More than the Durma clothes were worth, but I needed them for a great task. I followed, changing as I went, earning curious and distrusting looks from surrounding people.

I saw the girls stop and slipped in to a nearby doorway. I saw them look around, checking who was in earshot no doubt. I thanked the stars for my disguise; they would have spotted me in my colours. The only thing that would distinguish me now would be my eyes. I wished I had some of the lenses I had invented that changed your eye colours; useful in these situations. I had never managed to try them out.

I could not hear what they were saying, and cursed the distance I had lost between us when Lamira had stopped me. Then suddenly, the wind carried a little of their speech towards me.

"Her? Who's her?" Safiya was saying.

"Philomena Wihiz." Her friend replied. That was it. The name I had heard searching her brain. So I was right; she was telling Safiya about this woman, which probably meant they were both being recruited. Somehow I could not see either of them being dangerous in a resistance, but then I remembered Safiya's shop. If she knew how to use them, some of those ingredients could be fatal to thousands. Suddenly the resistance seemed more dangerous.

A lot more dangerous.

The End

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