Safiya CarobanMature

In a world where religion is bound to magic, and class is used to distinguish the worthy from the despicable, a rebellion awaits. What roles will Safiya Caroban, a low-class citizen with the desire to be seen and Avan Drogniev, a powerful sorcerer play when the rebellion sparks to life? A story of love, betrayal and adventure in a magical setting where a twisted fate unravels.

It was a silent night with the moon being cradled by groups of ominous black clouds. A foreboding mist hung in the air as the Durmans scurried about quietly, trying not to make too much of a ruckus. 

I sat in the corner of the shop with a thick book propped on my lap. My hair had fallen out of its bun, flowing over my shoulder and covering a side of my face. The lighting was really poor, causing me to squint and curse in annoyance a good number of times. My gaze flickered to the door, waiting and slightly hoping for a customer to walk in. Though I only had a few minutes left before having to close the shop, I wouldn't mind a little bit of reason to get working.

Lately, the customer numbers had been falling. Word among the Durmans was that a revolution was going to start. Though this was only just a rumor, and a far-fetched one at that, the Durmans were acting more cautious. Not staying out as late, on their best behavior when Selvites and Kathites visited the local shops and households who were checking to see if everything was under control. 

The words on the book weren't registering themselves in my head, as my brain blanked out and was replaced by the image of an excited Sahara, my best friend. A few days ago, she'd visited me at the shop just as I'd been closing up. Taking me aside, she'd whispered in a hurry, "Did you hear? I heard that there's a revolutionary group forming." She'd gone on to tell me that some of the Kathites had reported 'strange activity' to which I'd shrugged. 

"It's a false report, of course. We all know that no Durman has the nerve to do that Sahara." 

And I was right. I had to be right. Severe punishments existed for the Durmans who took a step out of line. We were regarded as filth in this grand society, with the Selvites at the top and the Kathites in between. Why would anyone want to fight against the system?

I sighed, shutting the book and placing it on the counter. Deep inside, I knew the answer to that question. None of us wanted to live like this, with a limit placed on our magical abilities and thirst to learn more, simply because we'd been 'destined' to be this way. 

Rubbing my hands hard against the side of my dress, I got to my feet and started sorting through the various parchments I'd spread over the counter. It was then that the bell tinkled signifying another customer. I looked up, fixing a smile on my face but it withered away when I met the familiar blue orbs of my sister.

"Give me one vial of dragon blood." No 'hello sister, how was your day'. No smile. Just an order.

Pressing my lips together to suppress a witty comeback, I turned around. My eyes skimmed over the different cabinets, searching for exactly what Celeste wanted. Just as I reached over and grabbed the glass vial, I heard the door open once again and a cool voice speak, "Celeste, are you done here yet?"

The End

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