This is a story where everything goes to hell. Twin sisters start university being roommates. When life breaks lose due to a mutated strain of ebola, it kills people and turn them into zombies. A weird group of acquaintances become friend and form a unbreakable bond and this is the story of survival.


How do you know when your moment is your last? Can you ever know if you have seconds, minutes, days, months, years left to live. You can’t.  You never know. You might think a moment may be your last but there is a chance you might be wrong. I thought that I was going to die my first year of university I wasn’t exactly wrong.

My parents told me that I had nothing to worry about going to the capital to go to university. I didn’t really worry about anything but the usual – boys, parties, and friends. And I thought that the only downside of going to university was that my twin sister Katarina was coming with me to the university. My parents having certain influence with the university got me and my sister at the new residence the university had built which was said to be better than the rest, the downside to that was I was stuck rooming with my twin.

We might look the same but we are nothing alike. I did soccer, she boxed; I was good at math, she was good at english. She wanted to become an writer, I wanted to be an accountant. 

The End

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