What A Fine Mess...

** PART SIX **

Lysandra stood quiet for only a moment before she opened her mouth in an attempt to speak and then closed it again too befuddled to find the words.  

 A groan escaped the lips of the Lord of Darslan as he tried to stand. He placed a hand to his wound feeling the sickening stickiness of the blood found there. It tainted his fingertips with the smell of iron. The disgusting scent and recent loss of blood made him woozy, though he was fully willing to blame the concussion should anyone have the nerve to comment on his ever-greening complexion.

Lysandra helped Seth return to his feet and then turned to look at Kaelan.  He was observing the scene, remorse evident by the sadness found in the depth of his ruby red eyes.  It was then that Zamira’s thoughts reached out to her. “Lysandra, I sense concern in the mind of Kaelan; concern for the human, Seth and for his brother, Darien.  He does not wish to harm you, but he will if he feels threatened.”

 Lysandra listened attentively as Zamira described the emotions of the others. Darien felt nothing but deep hatred for the Mage, Oliana, while Oliana herself was pleased with the chaotic circumstances and was quite happy when the Lord of Darslan was injured. “Imagine the displeasure she felt when she realized he wasn’t dead.” Zamira was saying as Lysandra’s attention was instantly averted.

 Seth had pulled himself up to his full height and was shouting at Kaelan.  “You filthy cur! How dare you enter my castle and accost me.” He mistook Kaelan’s silence as license to continue his barrage of foul insults. Darien stealthily made his way around the room taking up position behind the still roaring Seth. Oliana watched. Gleefully bouncing on the balls of her feet, a smile set across her face. Zamira yelled, startling Lysandra into action.

 “My Lord”, Lysandra shouted, interrupting him and stunning him into silence.  “The high priest said we must work together if we are to be successful.”

 “Damn, the high priest and to hell with his daemon dogs.” Seth spat.

 Kaelan’s deep voice growled out a retort as he paced before Seth “Don’t think I couldn’t have killed you, you’re lucky to be alive human. I struck out at you with one paw, and the damage to your frail body was done, it could not be helped. I told you to be still, Oliana wants you dead. Orion Le Geor contacted the fey and told them of the plight of this world. The predicament effects us all and we Cu Sith are honor bound to aid the fairy folk. If that means helping you, then so be it but don’t think that I wont bite your head off and feed your still writhing body to the pack.”

Oliana squealed in delight and caught Kaelan’s attention. He gnashed his teeth in her direction quieting her instantly.

 “Lysandra, go and tell the dragon, we leave for Traligill at first light.”

The End

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