I hope to show a story that peple may have seen in other books, but im doing somehting that involves as many genres as poss! plz feel free to add, comment advice! im not that good so i would love to get better...:D

She stood, eyes glistening, looking out onto the endless plains in the forgotten mountains that had been her home for practically all her life. She glanced warily to the east where the battle she caused was fuming in full rage, but she remained as cold as stone, unmoving. Her delicate hands grasped the swords in the bronze scabbards that hung on her belt. She thought about how much she didn’t understand, and how her life had quickly unravelled, and how she didn’t understand a bit of it.  She had to run, if she was to save the hundreds fighting for her, to save the few she cared about.

Nymph… Nymph save me… A voice cried out in the wind. Distant. Pleading. In that moment she liked her name, it gave her certain recognition as to who she was, and what she must return to. Nymph stood solely at 5”7, had very short, black curly hair, and unnaturally emerald eyes. Her parents, she recalled, had been murdered when she was five, and ever since she had been trying to avoid, and avenge their death. A few months ago she had been contacted by three other bewildered teenagers, all around her own age, and all from different places in time. They had been sent to protect her. They told her she didn’t need protecting. She could blow the whole universe to smithereens if she wanted, but Nymph had no idea to what extent they were telling the truth. She gazed into the cold night sky and remembered what it felt like to discover her talents. The feeling of supremacy, when she realised the elements were hers, the overwhelming vulnerability she felt when the weather altered to her mood, and her force fields that could withstand the explosion of a star. Scott from the late 14th century, could see the future and change it to how he wanted, Will who was from around the same time as her could read and control peoples minds, and Joe from the 18th century could be invisible and run fast. Exceedingly fast. Fast enough to run through time.

Nymph suddenly felt very small, and unimportant when she thought of her fiends. She thought of the time they took her to the ancient Tai Ling temple, to see the statue of Lin Mo. The goddess who had suffered the greatest pain, but had so much compassion, she saved the world. The girl, in the statue, was her. The uncanny resemblance made her fall over. But it wasn’t her. Standing here, watching hundreds dying, her too afraid to save them. No. It wasn’t me at all. Me. Nymph Milo James. I cant save them. I am a girl. I’m fifteen. I am about to die.



It was the moment everyone had been waiting for. I was meant to do something, but I cant remember what. What could I do? I’m a useless girl, who’s too afraid to save the ones who are dying for me. What’s wrong with me? This was the same as training. I can do combat. I know how to use my powers. Kick me. Make me do something.


I can see Scott, lying in a pool of blood, Joe running frantically, trying to stop what was happening. The battle spread out for miles. Ok. Now.

I stepped forward and nervously pulled my swords out. I was ready…wham! My right sword beheads a halfling, and my left drives itself into something’s heart. I sensed the human…well normal people around me. I tried to spread my force field, and keep my concentration. I saw Scott running now, like he was before he fell, and a spear flew through the air. Joe ran from nowhere and knocked him out the way. Will screamed, Joe pleaded, and Scott ran. I looked down, my whole lower body was covered in black daemon blood, and my own. I began to fall. Someone caught me. Praying. I woke. I slept. Five days past.

The End

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