The warning bell rang as I slunk into my seat.

It was too early, as usual. The girls in my class weren't shutting up, giggling and gossiping; their eyes alive and ready.

Oh yes. The new guy. I hoped for his sake he was either not good looking or not arrogant.

The door opened at that very moment and in strolled the new guy. Tall, confident, leather jacket with a high collar. He had jet black hair that swept down over one eye - wait. His eyes.

Was I making myself see this?

He was looking right at me, but that wasn't the alarming part. His eyes were as black as his hair. No colour, no white, just black. In a flash, it was gone and he had normal blue eyes. He walked straight up to me, and took the only empty seat in the class, Ivy's empty one. Right next to mine.

Silence fell over the class and all eyes turned to me. He didn't even blink, just reached over the table and offered to shake my hand and I took it, warily.

"My name is Luke." He smirked.

The End

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