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I sat down on a bench, at the start of break. It was the same bench where me and Ivy always sat, and she quickly joined me.

'Sup, Ivy?' She looked troubled, and just shook her head.

'Kelsie.' It was all she said, and I knew what she was thinking about. It angered me intensely.

'Godammit Ivy is that all you think about?!' I had said before I thought about it in her head. She looked even sadder than before and I felt bad for it. She whispered,

'I'm sorry.' And I had never felt so guilty. I put my arm round her and apologized, comforting her and telling her it would be okay, if this guy was worth the trouble I'd help her. That's what friends did, after all. She finally smiled and I felt better.

One of the guy in our year, Luke, walked past us and smiled upon seeing Ivy. He waved, then remembered to keep his cool and dropped his hand a little. I laughed under my breath, it had been obvious he liked her for a while. Ivy did nothing, but Luke was always so nice to her and never noticed. It didn't seem fair to me that she had her eyes set on someone she'd never met over someone who really liked her and was a good guy.

Not bad looking, too.

I made a a split second decision, and made him see Ivy looking up at him and smiling. He smiled a little more, but the joy in his eyes gave it away. I felt so bad that the really Ivy wasn't doing these things that I made her wave, too.

He walked away, and I questioned myself. Should I have done that? It was only a wave. Although, it was leading him on and I knew Ivy never really put two and two together to work out Luke liked her. I didn't know if she knew him all that well.

I turned to Ivy. 'When is that guy coming again?'

It didn't take her five seconds. 'Tomorrow.'

Well, I thought, tomorrow will be an interesting day.

The End

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