Midnight, and I'm alone.
The blackness swallows me, conceals all I do and think. My cover.
To me, being alone is boring. Why would I hide alone when being with people is so much fun?
The word felt wrong in my mind, like an understatement. Pure joy rushed through me as I thought of the way I could manipulate people. The way, if I wanted, I could drive people insane, or put them through unbearable pain.
Maybe I DID need the councilor.
Next to me, my phone suddenly lit up. I turned to see I had missed 2 calls and a text from my best friend, Ivy.
It read, "Scar! U ok? Have sum bad news.."
I hated the way she spoke via text. She was so intelligent it annoyed me how dumb she would sound if you'd never met her.
"I'm fine thanks, what's wrong?"
Her reply took mere seconds. "U no that guy we were talking bout that's moving to our school next week?"
I thought back to earlier today and realized what she was talking about. Two days before, a rumor had gone round that there was going to be a new guy in our year; consequently all the girls had gone crazy over it. Ivy was one of them.
Rolling my eyes, I picked up my phone again.
"Yeah, what about him?" My phone buzzed the minute I put it down.
"Well, Kelsie's made a plan 2 get with him, how would I have a chance?!"
Kelsie Rain was the most popular girl in our year. It wasn't her extremely low IQ, her arrogance or her ability to talk trash about someone to an olympic level that clinched it, it was how 'good' she looked. I could rant for days about how stupid the way she looked was, so I never let myself.
Texting Ivy for a final time reassuring her it would all be fine, I laid back down to sleep. When she didn't reply, my thoughts slowly crept back to my power.
I was always the type of person you would make fun of anyway. I had long, pure black hair to my mid back that I straightened intensely. I usually had smoky eyes and dark nail polish. Ivy was pretty much the same, though her hair was a dark brown. Our styles, fashion sense, taste in music, taste in boys, and pretty much everything else matched. We were like the same person, but in two different bodies. We had been friends for 6 years and didn't see ourselves growing apart.
But even Ivy didn't know about my power. No one did.
I had discovered it a year ago, by accident, and didn't understand what I was doing. Remembering back, I thought to how a girl in my class that I didn't like had voiced her phobia of spiders, and then later in the lesson taken the mic out of me. I had wished to myself that a spider would appear to freak her out, when she screamed and threw her book at the floor.
Seeing a huge spider there, I knew it wasn't really there, that it was my imagination. Her face told me she could see it, too. I experimented it with a while before realizing I was making her see it and I stopped, just letting it disappear in front of her eyes instead of doing it subtly and making it run away.
Since then, I had learnt how to use it properly and discreetly, to the point where just walking down a crowded corridor made me feel powerful, how I could so easily bring them all to the floor.
Because what ever I made someone see, I could make them feel, too.
The story behind me discovering THAT part of my power was a lot messier.

The End

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