"Ready to talk now?" A tall man, my councilor Jack, sits opposite me, he has an unconvincing comb over and yellowing teeth. He looks tired, like his years have warn him down but yet, he has fought them well.
I know what he wants me to say.
He wants me to admit what my mind creates, what I can make from it. He wants me to admit I have a problem.
The reality is, when you have the power to make others experience what you think of in your mind, it tends to make you trust no one. I would never tell anyone, not even if they held me at knife point. Truthfully, if someone held me at knife point it would be very easy for me to get away.
Create a huge, terrifying monster behind me, make it hurt him a little, then he would run away from me, not the other way round.
"Come now, Scarlet. You can't stay quiet forever." His tone of voice is soft and kind, but I can hear the impatience slowly creep in.
I straighten up in my chair. "First of all, I have told you half a billion times to call me Scar. And second? I am not required to tell you anything. I thought this was a counselling session, not an interrogation. I don't even NEED counselling."
Jack leans forward, smiling. "I will call you Scar when we are friends. Friends open up to each other."
His face is smug, like he just used the worlds best put down.
"I have told you before, I will tell you again. I was on the floor because I dropped my phone."
Jack's smile leaves his face, leaving only the mask of someone who has been pushed too far. "Scarlet, people do not pick up their phone, stay there, kneel in the freezing cold snow till their knees turn purple, mumble incoherently whilst screaming and crying."
The shame from last weeks incident in the snow rushes back to me. I tend not to use my power on myself, as it always ends badly.
I don't always manage, and that was one of the occasions I accidentally did. So now, I wound up in the school councilor every other break time, just so school can make sure I'm not crazy yet.
"I am fine! I just had a little.. break." I pick up my coat, stand up whilst kicking the chair over behind me then leave, deliberately knocking over some books with my bag and slamming the door behind me. I hear a sigh as I walk away.

The End

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