Scars part VIIMature

‘You feel any better?’ the nurse asked, coming into the cabin.

Elaine and JC had left hours ago when they had spotted Len’s friends coming. They didn't want to be seen by anyone from the university.

‘Yeah’ he nodded.

‘Why was that girl crying? Upset at seeing you beaten up?’ the nurse asked again.

‘It’s nothing. Anyway, what’s your name?’ he tried to change the subject.

‘I’m Ana. Once again, why was she crying? And don't you ‘it’s nothing’ me again. You can tell me what’s going on.’ The nurse said in a reproachful voice.

‘She remembered someone’ he said hesitantly.

‘Was it her kid?’ she asked, not looking up from her clipboard.

‘How d'you know?’

‘It was…kind of obvious’ she said, ‘so… the kid died or something?’

‘No’ Len sighed, “she was adopted by a very nice couple. The weird part is…she was my kid too, so I kinda had responsibility towards her.’

‘I thought so’ she said as she bustled about the cabin.

‘You did?’

‘Yeah. You snivelled a bit after she left, didn't you?’

He hesitated for a second.

‘Yeah’ he said slowly, ‘I did snivel a bit. God, I must’ve looked like such a loser.’

‘No’ she laughed out, ‘It was nice, actually. I mean, I don’t get to see twenty-year-old toughies like you cry everyday, now do I?’

‘I’m no toughie. I’m a pathetic little wimp’ Len sighed.

‘That’s how it feels being helpless’ she said, going out.

‘Helpless, eh?’ he mumbled as he closed his eyes.

"But the scars would never go" the nurse said ominously, "No matter how many times you apologise, how many times she forgives you."

"I'm sorry?'' he asked, taken aback by her comment.

"She's got a hole in her heart when she gave the kid away," the nurse walked out of the room, "The scar will always remain."




The End

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