Scars part VIMature

His mouth felt dry. What did he have to explain? He didn’t remember doing anything to owe her an explanation. He faintly recollected that he had said something to make her cry.

‘H…hey’ he said, trying to move his mouth and his tongue in synchronisation to speak clearly.

‘Wait, I’ll get the nurse’ she said, getting up.

‘I…I’m…s…sorry’ he murmured heavily.

‘What?’ she sat down again, taken aback.

‘I’m sorry’ he said more clearly, ‘about not responding to…your e—mail…about Rose...her adoption...I…didn’t know…that you…you were serious.’ He could see her break in front of him. She didn't say anything, but sat back with her eyes closed. ‘I never thought…that you’d want…my opinion for putting up Rose…for a closed adoption.’ he continued, ‘It…just didn’t sound like you.’

She looked visibly shaken.

‘Please’ he said again, ‘I’m…sorry. I was scared…so I ran away. Dad would’ve killed me… I didn't believe…that you were…strong enough…to put her up for adoption.’

‘I’m sorry too’ she was sniffling now, ‘for being so rash. If I wanted, I could’ve had her with me right now. But you didn't reply and that made me so angry. I got crazy, Len. Mom told me that it wasn’t easy, but I didn't believe her. I thought that I didn't know her, and it wouldn’t hurt.’

She had started to cry hard by then. He wanted to put a hand on her head and hold her close, like he used to do, but he couldn’t move.

‘What the—’ JC stopped midway as he entered the cabin. He came over and put his arms around her trying to calm her down, but she didn't stop. It was as she was reliving the moment when she had given Rose to her new foster parents. JC hugged her tightly, mumbling nonsense into her ears as he tried to console her.

‘It was a mistake’ she mumbled incoherently.

This was the first time in his university life that Len had felt jealous of a social invisible.


The End

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