Scars part IVMature

She nearly shrieked out in shock when she heard that he was in the hospital. They said that he had been beaten up by some muggers. He had been walking alone in a dark alleyway. She wanted to ask around to get all the information she could get, but JC stopped her. He said that his friends would certainly talk around enough. If they were just careful to be within earshot when his friends were talking, they would easily get all the information they wanted. And he was right. She just stood near her locker, fiddling, when his girlfriend and her friend walked past her. She clearly heard the name of the hospital.

JC and she went to the hospital as soon as their classes finished. They saw a nurse on entering the hospital, and asked her about him. She told them to ask at the reception. The receptionist told them to head towards the emergency wing. They met another nurse who told them that he was in room number 26. She hesitated Just before entering, and JC saw that she was asking herself if it was all right to see him, specially when she was partly responsible for what happened to him. She gave him a confused look, but he told her to go ahead, and that he would be waiting outside right there for her.

She opened the door slowly and went inside. There was a fat African—American nurse inside, putting some medicines in order. She looked up on seeing her come in.

‘He’ll regain consciousness in say…ten minutes’ she smiled, ‘he took a pretty bad beating. He’s got a couple of broken ribs, and a stitch inside his mouth too, but you can’t see them. Are you related to him?’

‘Just…just a friend’ she stammered.

The nurse smiled again, and went out. She slowly went, and sat down on the chair near the bed. No one had told her about his injuries, and she felt nauseous just looking at him. His left wrist was in a white cast, and his head was bandaged. He had a bruise on his cheek, and his lip was torn. He looked so pitiable as he just lay there, unconscious. She felt that she was going to cry soon.

Just about then, his mouth twitched a bit.


The End

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