teenage is a scar by itself.

Her heart stilled when she first saw him. It had been about four months since she joined the university, but this was the first time she had seen him. Thankfully, he didn’t notice her, and she quietly went her way, doing her best to be as invisible as possible. She hadn’t thought that she would see him again. She asked around about his classes and their timings as unobtrusively as possible, so that she may be able to avoid him easily. She soon found out what she had expected to hear—that he had become one of the most popular people ever since he got admission a year ago. Good in studies and excellent in sports, with an added plus point of being charming by nature, and having dirty blond hair and a stunning grin to go with it—a girl usually didn’t ask for much more.

She had started talking to this person in her classes since the time she had joined, and they had formed a close camaraderie. They were so close that she usually addressed him by calling him JC—just JC. JC soon noticed that she was somewhat obsessed with the popular guy’s timetable, but she quickly brushed aside all his doubts by saying that she was doing it for a girl in one of her classes. Not that he believed any of it, but JC decided to give it a rest. After all, she wasn’t the only girl he knew who had a major crush on the popular guy.

However, she didn’t stop at this. She went ahead and found out where he usually hung out, and purposely avoided them. JC found it even more strange, because he had suspected her to go up to the guy, not avoid him. She needn’t have tried so hard, he thought, after all, she was just an invisible like himself. The popular guy wasn’t going to look at her even if she paraded in front of him in a cheerleading uniform. The invisibles had a distinct quality, JC felt, and people could always distinguish them from the popular ones in one glance, even if they looked the same.

She tried her best to avoid him but a few weeks later, the popular guy did notice her. They had been sitting at a corner table in the cafeteria, when suddenly a voice asked if he could take the free chair. They always lacked a chair in popular table, you see. JC graciously agreed, but the popular guy wasn’t looking at him. JC could’ve been whispering in Russian for all he cared. He was staring across the table at her, floored. JC felt that something was wrong; she wasn’t looking up, and the other guy just couldn’t stop staring at her bowed head.

The End

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