Listen to MeMature

                     The atmosphere of the dim lighted tavern remained with the after eleven buzz of the night. The air was musty and the tavern keeper had disappeared behind a curtain behind the bar.  Only one remained behind the gayness of the night. She stayed fast asleep on one of the tables, a beer bottle still clenched in her hand.

                       Her job did not involve the majority of the women visiting the tavern with their breasts exposed and hair done up, yet she was there to relieve the ongoing stress of her dear royal, with high expectations, life.

                    She awoke slowly yet still sober from the many bottles of beer she had been pressured to consume. Her hair was a long curly blond ratted mob covering her face. Her head lifted slowly, her eyes squinting through her matted mob at the empty brown bottle of beer clutched in her hand. She looked up from the bottle to see a figure.

               "Scarlett, I laugh to see you sunk this low," said the dark man.

                He was quite black themed with his black hair, black eyes, and black neatly trimmed beard. He lifted his sword and gazed at his reflection in the shinny blade.

                              "You let them control your life like this.  You are no lady of the royal court. You are an adopted traitor! Hell's sake!"

                            Scarlett flinched at the word traitor as her crazy drunken eyes adverted to the table at which she sat.

                    "Mother and father still wait for you, but if I had my way mother and father would have completely disowned you by now!"

           Scarlett was up in a flash with the beer bottle in her hand.  She bravely pointed it at him.

       "Quite scary," he mocked.

       "It will be when I use the smashed pieces to rip your heart out," Scarlett mumbled.

       The man just laughed.

       "Mother and father love me more than you-ignorant savage pig!"

         Her eyes turned a piercing brown determined and ready.  She fiercely took the sword from it's kilt and lunged to hear the clanging if swords in a raging battle. It lashed a fair amount of timed in which Scarlett and her brother dueled on top of table and knocked over chairs-even a beer barrel was punctured spraying the contents over the tavern's furnishings. It all happened at once and then-


                    Scarlett opened her eyes from blinking to find the tavern keeper bewildered and frightened beyond belief at the sight of her on the bar holding her sword in one hand and her beer bottle in another-the rooms state also remained a factor.  But it was not the tavern keeper's voice she heard, yet she was too occupied. She looked around the room quickly until seeing the broken window, she exclaimed, "that bastard!"

              She then tucked her sword away, hoped off the bar, and set the bottle down. 

              "Yes brother?" She said trying pay attention.

               His face was different then the one that had mysteriously disappeared.

             He sighed.  "Would you not destroy the town's favorite tavern with your disorder?"  He paused as I turned to look at the floor. He took that as a sorry.  "Thank you. Time to go home."

       I followed him into the carriage outside the tavern.


       "Abigail, I know you're adopted, but could you at least be responsible?"

       "I am responsible and my name is Scarlett-"

       "LISTEN TO ME!"

        "You are adopted, but that gives you no excuse to be irresponsible and become a drunkard as you did tonight.  By doing this you disgrace your royal family and me and yourself.  Has your lessons taught you anything sister?  We care about you!"

      I looked away from his face.

      "And your royal name is Abigail. You will go by this name."

The End

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