this story is a work in progress..
not quite sure where it will end up, but I guess that is all part of the fun
I am still quite new at this so please comment, critique and give any feedback. it is very appreciated :)

Her blue eyes glistened as the sun began to rise. She sat on the tattered old rug, sand between her toes. The sky, now smeared with pink, orange and red, reminded her of that morning. The morning that changed everything.

Scarlette had just landed in Rome. She had her letters in her hand, in which she originally found hidden in an old book. Her biological mother was somewhere in this city. Only one question remained, where was she?

It had been two years since Scarlette had begun her search. She had never known her mother and had only ever seen pictures. Mother and daughter were so much alike, from the cheerful smile to their inquisitive nature.

The End

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