As the metal touched her skin, Malla let out a shriek.  Binar recoiled with the other tribesmen as her body emitted a bright golden glow.  Malla shrunk into the body of a six year old child and she gave Binar a look full of betrayal before taking advantage of her short stature to escape.

"Malla!" Binar called after her and was interrupted by a fearsome roar.

The tribe ran after where Malla had disappeared to and saw her being confronted by a pack of Lillaminan, a species of wildcat that was labelled as the most dangerous threat other than man.  However, Malla wasn't affected by their vicious snarls as she held her arms out to the alpha female who advanced towards her.

"Malla!" Binar called again as the tribe readied the weapons but what happened stunned them into silence.

Like she would her cubs, the alpha female picked Malla up gently and disappeared into the deeper parts of the rainforest.

The End

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