The Chief AwakensMature

Calis was coming out of his stun, groaning and rubbing his furry head.  Binar briefly considered killing him where he lay, but that could mean war.  Better to try and reason with him. 

In a moment, Calis was awake and speaking nonsense.  "She is God.  She must be dealt with.  Binar, you must take her back."

None of it made any sense.  Binar tried to explain.  "Calis my brothers will rape her.  She will be treated as a captured stranger.  She will be passed around.  She is like a child" 

Calis became insensed.  "Raped?  She must be killed!  You people are God eaters Binar, she must be killed!"

Binar's head began to hurt.  A God?  Malla was a frightened child.  She was hiding behind his bed.  But Calis would not listen to another word.  He insisted that she be taken to the rest of the tribe. 

When they arrived, it was after dark and the fires were glowing outside each hutch.  Calis howled and called out the other hunters of Binar's tribe. He jabbed his finger at the frightened Malla and began grunting,  "God!  God!  she must be sacrificed!"   

Binar sensed his tribesmen becoming agitated, so he interjected.  "Calis is deranged.  This woman has no birthmarks, as you can see! she is not even of our race!" some of the tribesmen nodded.   "But she is mine and I mean to protect her."

This statement agitated the tribesmen more than anything Calis had said.  One of them shouted at Binar, "what do you mean she is yours?  We will have her!" 

Binar felt the situation spinning out of control.  As he struggled to find something to say, Calis darted out of the crowd.  In an instant he had his muscular monkey hand around Malla's throat, holding a cat's-claw knife to the side of her neck. 

I will show you birthmarks!" he screeched, as he sliced off Malla's dress with one fluid motion, and again pressed the sharp claw against her neck. 

The End

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