The Onlooker's PerspectiveMature

Calis, the chief messenger had been hanging outside the window for nearly an hour.  He was sure he had been discovered when the human woman had leaned out and nearly hit him in the head with her swinging tits.  But she must not have seen him.  His tail had started to cramp from sitting in the same position for so long, but when Binar, the hunter left, he crept up higher to see what was going on.  Binar would be a fool not to give his woman a weapon and instructions to defend herself, but there she was, chained to the bed like some idiot pet.  He was about to rush in and confront the woman when something strange happened. 

She had somehow bitten herself and was bleeding.  All of a sudden, red lines began spreading over her body.  It was impossible, but they formed the same pattern as Binar's tattoos.  These were the diety marks that hunters emulated on their bodies, the curse of royalty.  Calis tried to count the lines down her sides, along her ribs to determine her lineage, but just as suddenly, the bleeding stopped and the lines faded away. 

"Devil!" he shouted, startling Malla. 

The End

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