waiting aloneMature

Mallia cried and cried as she tugged at her leash and flopped down onto the bed, sniffing, sobbing and snivelling.  She began gnawing at her bounds, scratching them, squirming to get out until she just gave up, lay down on her front and began kicking and screaming.  She calmed after about a minute and sulked, pouting and drawing circles with her finger.

"Malla," she murmured "Maaallaaa.  Maaaaaallaaaaaa."

She began to feel the loss of the hunter's presence and sat up, tracing her hands then nibbling on her fingers.  She bit too hard accidentally and began crying again when she saw she had drawn blood.  She cried and cried louder and louder as markings began to draw themselves on her body. 

The End

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