lesson oneMature

The hunter opened up the chest in the corner and pulled out a dress that belonged to his sister, made from the skin of the wildcat known as the Hathoru.  Striped blue and black, the hunter offered this garment to the childish woman.  She took it and held it up, tilting her head curiously as she covered her head with it.  Smiling at her antics, the hunter took it away from her and held his arms up.  Like the child she seemed to be, she mimicked his actions and he helped pull the dress over her.  Malla, as he decided to name her, squirmed as he pulled it down to cover her private parts and frowned when he saw how it lacked to accommodate her hefty bosom.  Nevertheless, it would calm his need to embrace her, but the next thing was, what to do next?

Malla leaned out of the window again but he pulled her away, shaking his head.  Malla shook her head too but still went to lean out of the window.  Sighing when he realised she didn't know the danger, he shoved her out then quickly caught her by her ankles as she screamed when she fell.  He pulled her back and she clung onto him, crying and shivering.  Well that ought to teach her not to lean out of windows.

The End

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