A NameMature

This was a strange woman.  But it wasn't her unusual reddish hair color, or her green eyes that confused him the most.  She laughed like a child, with no hint of coyness, but she was no child.  That much was clear when she shrugged off the bed sheet and stood up to stretch her naked body.  She was a fully developed, beautiful woman.  

Instinctively, the hunter rose to embrace her.  The way she presented herself at first seemed like an invitation.  But her child-like eyes stopped him.  When he pressed his groin against her, she only yawned and turned away.  He slumped back into his chair to contemplate her.  The sea creature's venom must have done this.  The poison had washed away her mind.   

She was leaning to look out the window, absentmindedly swaying her naked backside to and fro for him to appreciate.  

He chuckled, and mumbled that she was crazy, "Umalla."

At that moment she turned around and repeated what he had said, "Malla!"  

The hunter chuckled again to himself.  "Yes.  yes you are."

The End

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