Comfort foodMature

It was silent briefly which was cut off with the loud rumble of a hungry stomach.  The woman clutched her tummy with a childish groan, curling up into a tight ball.  The hunter stood and carried over a bowl containing some warm stew.  The woman stared at the bowl, her mouth watering as she shuffled underneath the sheets.  She looked up at the hunter who frowned curiously at her clueless look.  She mirrored his frown like a baby would and this only added to the hunter's frustration.  He knelt by the bedside and took the spoon, filling it with some of the stew and offering it to her.  

The woman sniffed it curiously before eating the contents.  At the wonderful taste, she giggled and clapped her hands, swallowing and staring at the hunter expectantly.  The hunter's eyebrows shot up in surprise at her level of childishness.  Nevertheless, she looked like she needed nourishment and if this was the only way to get her to eat...  The hunter filled the spoon up again and continued to feed her.

The End

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