A Curious DreamMature

The feelings were sickeningly familiar, even if the words to describe them weren't. The manic upsetting dreams that came with having a high fever, or the aftereffects of drugs.  Unnatural unwanted hallucinations.  Frightening words that have no meaning, repeated over and over.  

She was dreaming that she was sleeping.  Hands, many hands, squeezing flesh and kneading muscles all over her body.  Touching her in unwanted places.  Each time strong fingers squeezed her muscles, she felt toxins flood into her system.  They were wringing poison out of her muscles like twisting wet cloth.  They worked her calves sending a wave of nausea.  Then her sweating thighs triggering involuntary convulsions.  When the brutish fingers pressed roughly into her round muscled backside, the waves of vomiting started.  On her hands and knees, she sobbed and convulsed and spewed watery toxins endlessly from her nose and mouth.  

Suddenly, her eyes opened.  She was cool, dry and comfortable under light bed sheets.  The nightmare was over.  A cool evening breeze seemed to sway the dim room she was in, as if it was in the treetops.  Gradually she realized there was someone else in the room with her,  sitting quietly and watching her.  

The End

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