I crept up the glistening, transparent staircase, counting each step until I reached the MoonTower. When I arrived, I was greeted with the familiar sight of my two best friends, Mirella and Xanthi. As usual, they where both staring out of the window at the military cadets training session, like they do every Tuesday. I joined them, and stared out of the floor-t-ceiling glass, down at the boys below. I knew who I wanted to see, but of course, he wasn't there. He would never be. In fact, I shouldn't of even been thinking about him, seeing as he had been exiled, and we were meant to forget him. But I just couldn't. He was too important to me, to big a part of me to just let him go. Mirella looked at me, her large pink eyes were sympathetic. A tear rolled down Xanthi's dark cheek. 'Oh Scarlet," they sighed in unison, and clutched me in a bear hug. "I'm sorry." said Mirella. Xanthi just nodded. I tried to speak, but I was too choked up. I slumped onto the hard, icy floor, my shoulders heaving. "Why?" I wailed. "He didn't hurt anybody?" 

"I know, I know." said Xanthi soothingly. "But what's done is done."

The End

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