On the way to greater things..Mature

I remember a lot of things about my past, one of them is growing up with Beth for a sister, man I had some fun with that. We were like chalk and cheese but we got along like a house on fire. She was loud and bubbly and happy while I was the quiet depressed one that moved with incredible stealth and agility.

We fought loads, don't get me wrong, but the fighting made us closer then ever. I got her out of countless messes, helped her with her schoolwork and even beat up quite a few stalkers and ex-boyfriends but that just wasn't good enough for my Mother. Apparently I failed as a big brother, according to her I didn't look out for Beth enough.

I remember one time my Mother was frantic with worry, Beth had gone out to a beach party with a guy from the school and it was an hour past curfew and she still wasn't home. So I hopped on my bike and I drove down to the beach party to find that as a dare, he'd driven her out the country road and left her in the dark to walk home. I was in such a hurry to find Beth that I went easy on him. I only broke his nose.

I remember finding Beth walking down the road in the pitch black with tears streaming down her face and shivering madly. I remember how she clung to my jacket when she first saw me and sobbed as I hugged her close. I calmed her down and took her home where both my parents fell all over her until suddenly my mother whipped around and stared at me with accusing eyes and said "You could have told her what he was like, you could have prevented this if you'd only looked after Beth. You don't look after your sister enough." I was fed up with that phrase and I told her so. "I could have told her what he was like if I'd known MOTHER." I growled dangerously as she fretted over Beth but she simply turned her back on me. "You didn't look after Beth properly."

That day I decided to leave the job to her, I decided to leave home.

The End

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