"Hear that pounding behind the door? That thing will kill you if it gets in."

"Been stuck here for days!" Julian groans. "I am thirsty, hungry..." His fingers making one, two, three... For every complaint he says. My younger brother was always complaining, besides he's only in third grade.  "Cold, terrified, getting no sleep--" Bang... BANG... BANG! It  comes from the door.  Julian and I both jump up in shock. Again? Why did it have to start again!? I think frustrated. His face is pale, his mouth hanging open like a trap door.  

"We need to block the door!" I say in a frightened voice. Will it get in, no it can't get in, it could never get in otherwise everything is lost. I look about the room, a dusty chair sitting in the corner.  Glass designlessly broken about the ground. The monster outside had helped with that.  I think looking up at the broken window. The sun outside let in a dim glow. In the corner of the room stood a night stand. The night stand was weighed down by a lamp, the lamp in terrible condition. I frown, that was the only things in this room, well besides now Julian was sitting back on the chair. 

There was no longer banging, hopefully the monster was gone forever. Growls came into my ears, the sounds coming from the window. "Julian, get off you're lazy bottom, it's coming to the window!" Julian now heard the growling,  standing up he came with me to the window. His face once more pale and frightened. His hair a short mess, his eyes wide and they seemed to be stunned into one place.  We flattened ourselves to the wall under the window.  Heavy breathing came into our ears, soon it would put it's paws through to get us. I know they are paws-- as I could I can see claws as big as a full grown man's head.


There it was that low growling coming from right outside. The monster was to large to fit into the window, but had a small enough paw to fit through. We silently stand there against the wall the best we could. A black furry paw emerges through the window high above us. Creeping around the best it could manage. It begins to come down towards Julian's head, getting closer and closer. Julian, his eyes closed with his cheeks huge to easily indicate that he is holding his breath, he didn't even know that the paw was about to kill him.  I stood petrified. Have to do something! I think to myself. I try to yell, to do something, but I have not the voice. I stand there, the claws getting closer to Julian's head, it was about to kill him. 

Instincts taking over without me knowing. My body leaps to the side Julian is on sending us both on the ground. I quickly look back, the claws and paw retracted. Where did it go? I ask myself. This creature seemed to be smart enough not to try the door again, at least for awhile, then where did it go?

"Julian I think it is time to end this, we are going to die anyway we have no food, no nothing!" I yank him off his feet. We stand staring at each other. I brush loose hair that refused to go into my bun away from my face; my straight hair now back into my bun. Jerking Julian behind I go to the door. The handle a grimy, dirty and old handle. I put my ear to the door... no sound is heard.  I lean back from the door. Taking a deep breath. My hand begins reaching for it, I grip it. Turning it slowly I swing it open.  A yell escapes from my mouth.

Standing in front of me is a huge beast. It has orange fur, with black stripes going now it's back. It's eyes, green with a mixture of black. I stare at it, it stares back. Heavy breathing comes slowly from my mouth. I can hear whimpers behind me, my hand being lightly yanked. Huge teeth line this creature's mouth, yellow and red they are. I want to slam the door on it's face, I can't just staring frozen in place.  "Marianna?" Comes a quiet whisper from behind me. This creature, as tall as three woman standing on each others shoulder. The creature's gaze shifts from mine to Julian's. A harder tug on my hand. 

Soft growls erupt from the creatures throat, muffled lightly. I can't do anything but stare. The creature starts backing up a little, his hind legs slightly lowing in as if to jump. Tears start to form in my eyes, the monster is staring at Julian. Why is Julian always the one going to get killed?  My thought coming back to me from some unknown place. I blink noticing a tear is about to fall. I look behind me, my brother, a frightened expression on his face. I act now, just in time. Still holding Julian's hand, I yank him just as the creature jumps. The monster goes sprawling into the room. I yank Julian's hand again. A hallway goes to the right and to the left, both of these hallways dirty and have trash scattering the floor. I run to the right, from there I just run.

Leading Julian behind me we run, run for our lives. I can hear growling behind me, it's getting closer. My body shaking from bottom and up my spine. Finally something comes into view... a door. I sigh heavily, running to the door. The monster following after our heels. We reach the door, out of the corner of my eye is the monster. I yank the door open, light floods in, pushing Julian outside, I knew we would not make it. No longer holding Julian's hand, the creature right there. I close the door, me still being on the inside... with the creature. "Julian run away, get safe!" I call flattening myself against the door. Tears rolling off my face, the creature reaches me. It starts to eat me. Pain exploding everywhere around my body. Screams escaping from throat. 

"Marianna! No what is happening, i'm going to get help!" Comes Julian voice on the other side of the door. No! No make it stop! Make it stop.  I think it never stops, it feels like hours going by. Suddenly the pain stops, I open my eyes, light shining every where, a beautiful place this is. A ceiling is above me with the most fantastic design. I lay under white sheets, the sheets the softest fabric my body has ever touched, I lay also on top of a bed. A fresh smell comes floating by my face, a smell of flowers and pollen. The light shining in through a window, the window being open with its curtains pulled back neatly. Soft music also drifts next to me, soft... piano music. 

The End

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