The CrashMature

I got on the plane at 7 a.m. The flights were delayed because someone died on the runway. Wonder who did that?

I looked like a regular person on that plane. It was mostly French people going home. I was the only “tourist” aboard.

The plane left at 7:30 that morning, which began a 3 hour trip.

I fell asleep cause, because the next thing I knew, the plane wasn’t moving and we were on the ground. I opened my eyes to the scent of smoke. I saw fire burning all around me. Smoke rising in the air. We crashed.

I looked around carefully. Bodies littered the remains of the plane. The scent of death filled the air. i looked up and saw my bag hanging above me, close to a small patch of fire. I pulled it down and started looking for a way out. I saw an emergency hatch in the back that was open. Did someone else survive?

I made my way towards the exit, stepping over the bodies, and going through rivers of blood. Bodies were hanging from the frame of the plane. Blood was falling on me. My clothes seemed drenched in it.

I walked out to the outside world. I saw trees, grass, and people. Lots and lots of people. 3 guys were investigating the crash, while a news team was reporting it. Behind them all was a large group of people wondering what had happened. I stumbled and fell onto the grass and fell face first into the dirt, catching the attention from the camera crew.

“Cally there’s a girl” the camera man screamed. The woman with the microphone or “Cally” turned towards me. A look of shock crossed her face.

“Oh my God” she said quickly. “Max come with me” she and the camera man “Max” started running towards me. She turned towards the camera and held the microphone up to her mouth. “Breaking news! There is a survivor” she said

2 of the investigators came over to me and grabbed my air, while Cally was rambling on about “It’s a miracle”

“What is your name” she asked, holding the microphone to my mouth. I hesitated. I didn’t want anyone to know my real name.

“Annie” I said quickly. “Annie Mackie” she looked at me, then turned in disgust to the camera.

“You know her name. Annie Mackie is the one and only survivor of Flight 182” she said. “This is Cally Leasure, signing off. Back to you Nick”

I stared at the reporter “Cally”.  She seemed different than most people. Like an alien from a different planet. She took frequent glances at me like I was a freak.

“Where am I” I asked her. She hesitated.

“You’re in Lyon” she said. “Lyon, France” she said proudly. I tried backing away from her but the investigators still had my arms.

“How far is Paris” I asked quickly.

“300 kilometers to the northeast” she said. “Why?”

“That’s my business” I hissed. I pulled away from the investigators and started walking towards the woods. It was a long way to Paris. I must not rest. Not once.

The End

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