Journey Begins with TroublesMature

The airport wasn’t too far away. It was north of town on
Airport drive. Shocking.

The airport was small, white, and only went one place.

I was still in my robe when I arrived. I was standing on top
of a bank. No cameras around. I had to change. I put down my robe, revealing
mostly skin. I was wearing a tank top and shorts. I put on some sweat pants and
called it a day. I made my way over.

It didn’t take me long to get there. The lights were so bright;
I fell off the state building. I left with a few a few minor scratches. No internal
injuries, I hope.

 I jumped on top of
one of the planes quietly. No one noticed me till a guard appeared.

“Hey, get down from there” he screamed. I just looked at
him. His hand was on his gun ready to shoot. I bent over and grabbed my bag and
swung it on my shoulder.

“Get down or I’ll shoot” he yelled. I opened my bag slowly,
still staring at him.

The only things in there: the tickets, clothes for when I arrive,
and my true weapon, my sword. In a pure leather case it laid in my bag, ready
to kill.

“Do I have to say it again” he screamed. He had his gun
pointed straight at me now. I grabbed the handle and pulled it out slowly. The guard
watched me. I swung the sword out and heard gunshots.

I jumped in the air, avoiding the bullets. I was flying up
against the wall. I kicked off it and flew straight towards the guard, my sword
at my side. He watched in amazement which quickly turned to panic. I was flying
towards him fast. He started backing up then turns around and attempted to
sprint away.

My cloak was flying behind me. A black ghost I seemed to be.
I neared him. Closer and closer I got.

I raised my sword high. When I was over him, I swung my
sword right down the middle of his back. Blood splattered my face and stained
my hair. I flew over him and landed in a crouch, my sword in the air dripping
with blood.

The man stood there, with an expressionless look on his
face. Then he fell to the ground, lying in his own blood. The white shirt he
was wearing turned red from the blood. He was dead. A wide gash from his head
down shown, gushing warm blood from his cold body.

I jumped in the air, going over the fence that surrounded
the property. People began to rush outside to see what happened. People began
screaming and crying, wondering who or what could’ve done this. I smiled and
turned away, walking towards the main entrance.

The End

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