A girl who follows her leaders orders must go to Paris and retrieve a small girl. faceing troubles on the way her friend helps them through their troubles and protects the girl from getting captured for her power.

I walked these streets alone every night. An alley way where
my clan was hiding was going to have a meeting. This city may be large, but I know
it like the back of my hand. I turned the corner on 7th street, the
alley a few steps away. I walked in front of the entrance when I was noticed.

“Scar” Venom screamed “Scar come here”

I slowly started walking towards the end of the alley. My
cloak falling flowing me. My hair fell out of my hood. My eyes were adjusting
to the small amount of light in the alley, compared to the lights of the city.

”Scar” Venom said “Raider wishes to see you”. I froze in my
tracks and starred at him. Why would my leader want to see me? Venom pointed to
the right corner at the end of the alley way.

I walked slowly towards him. I let down my hood and watched
my long blonde hair fall. I was dangerous. Everyone who saw me thought I was
mentally insane. But that was only the cover up for who I really am. I’m short
but terrifying. The only people who wouldn’t run from me is my clan.

I walked in front of the stack of trash cans that was
Raiders throne. I couldn’t see him well, but I can see his dark eyes looking at

He spoke first.

“Kerri” he said “Nice to see you again”

“It’s Scar” I hissed. I felt Venom and the others cringe. They
never heard anyone yell at Raider, their leader, before by a member of their
own clan. I resisted a smile. They knew I was more powerful than they were. I was
almost as powerful as my own leader.

“Your name is so beautiful though-“

“No its not” I screamed cutting him off. “Never say that
again” I stared at him. A breeze blew by, whipping my hair and cloak in the
wind. My eyes became a brighter red. I never took my eyes away. I felt his eyes
on me. “What do you want?”

“I want you” he began “To do a very important task” he said.
I saw a smile appear on his face.

“What is this task” I asked slowly. I watched him closely. As
he opened his mouth sirens went off, and lights were shining down the alley. People
were blocking the alley with barriers. I saw guns a gun point. They were going
to shoot at shoot at us.

“My friends we must leave quickly” Raider said. We nodded,
and jumped towards the sky. We landed on top of the building just as they
started shooting down the alley.

The wind was blowing my hair with it. The city lights were a
strange site. They were dim. Most of them were out.  The brightest lights I could see were from
the police cars below.

“Kerri, come here” Raider said.

“It’s Scar” I hissed under my breath. I walked over to him. I
felt Venoms eyes watching me.

“Kerri. I want you to cross the Atlantic to France. You will
be bringing a small child. Her name is Alena. She is 10 only 10 years old, but she’s
very powerful. Bring her back to me as soon as you can” he explained. He pulled
out 3 plan tickets. 1 ticket for me to go to France. 2 for us to get back.

“I will do all I can to bring her back to you” I said. “Where
is her location?”

“Paris” he said. “In the oldest bar”

“Yes Raider” I said. A smile crossed my face. I put my hood
on my head and started jumping on the buildings towards the airport. I turned
back to see Venom waving at me. I turned back and continued on.

The End

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