“I’m almost impressed that you’re cooperating, Commander.” Eversio replied, “I expected you to have that typical human pigheadedness.”


I turned to see Athena running towards us with the rest of the council.

“Tell them to back off.” Eversio hissed into my ear, “Or we end the party early.”

“Athena, stand down.” I ordered, “Everyone, stay back.”

“Good. Now, start from the beginning.”

I met Athena’s grey eyes and gave a slight nod.

She let out a battle cry and ran forwards, brandishing her sword.

The blade moved from my neck and I quickly reached into my pocket, overcome with relief when I found the vial.

I poured its contents over my eyes and blinked as they stung.

When I looked up again, I could see Eversio’s hazy form in front of me.

“It’s over, Eversio.” I said simply, looking straight at him.

He was still for a split-second before bolting, and I quickly realized what he was about to do.

“Sorry, old man!” he laughed, raising his sword above his head as he approached Lucifer.

His sword slipped from his hands and fell with a soft thud onto the ground.

Eversio rematerialized from the air instantly, and he looked from my hand on his shoulder to the massive flaming sword that was protruding from his stomach.

I withdrew the sword just before he crumpled to the ground.

Athena stepped beside me and looked at the blood pooling out of his lifeless body.

“You did what you had to do.” She affirmed in a quiet voice, “And the Vorpal Sword only serves the most deserving warriors.”

She turned away and with Dionysus’ help began carrying Cupid back towards the camp.

“My hero.”

I looked up to see Lucifer propping himself up on an arm, holding his knee with the other and trying to smile through a grimace of pain.

The Vorpal Sword shuddered in my grasp before disappearing, and I tore off one of my sleeves to crudely bandage his wound.

“Mercy duty eyedrops, huh?” he winced, “Why am I not surprised at your remarkable ingenuity?”

“Save your strength, Your Highness.” I replied diplomatically, “You’re going to have to get back to camp as soon as possible.”

I helped him to his feet and steadied him as he swayed, grunting.

He leaned on me heavily and we began the considerable walk back to the camp.

Manara stayed behind, crouched beside Eversio’s body.

The End

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